Constituency Liaison workshop

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Constituency Liaison Workshop
Our next Constituency Liaison workshop will be held Monday, November 19 and Tuesday, November 20 at the HSA office. 

This workshop is primarily for CLs working on the Child Development Centre campaign to improve early intervention services for children with special needs, as well as for those other CLs who were unable to attend the workshop held in May. 

As usual, the first day of the workshop (Monday, November 19) will be for new CLs who haven’t attended a CL workshop before.  Day 2 (Tuesday, November 20) will be for new and experienced CLs.  The link to register online for this workshop will be available August 1st under the Event Registration section of HSA’s website.

DAY 1 (for new CLs or CLs who did not attend the workshop in May
Monday, November 19
HSA Office - Training Room

DAY 2 (for all CLs  - new AND experienced)
Tuesday, November 20
HSA Office - Training Room