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Flu shot program: Guidelines for HSA members

Once again, the Provincial Health Officer has issued a copy of the Facility Influenza Immunization Policy to all health employers in BC. The policy states:

As a critical component of patient care, all facilities are required to adopt a written policy advocating staff influenza immunization. Staff who choose not to be immunized must be made aware that they can be excluded from work in the event of an influenza outbreak within their facility.

Workers remember those killed on the job

OTTAWA ... On Friday, flags will be lowered and working people across the country will take a few moments to remember their friends, family and colleagues who have died from workplace injuries. For the past 22 years, April 28 has been recognized as a National Day of Mourning to both reflect and focus on making Canadas workplaces healthier and safer.

Additional steward workshops scheduled

Due to increased demand for steward training, HSA is offering the following courses:

Steward Training Level 1 (3-day workshops):

  • May 1, 2, & 3, 2006

OH&S Steward Training - Basic (2-day workshops):

Prevention of Workplace Violence Workshop

As you know, all workers have a right to a safe work environment. Surveys consistently indicate that HSA members care about and are willing to become involved in health and safety issues. Unions have a significant role to play ensuring that our workplaces are safe. HSA takes a leadership role in the promotion of workplace safety through health and safety education initiatives for our membership, such as the Prevention of Workplace Violence Workshop. We urge you to talk to other Stewards, OH&S Stewards and interested members to encourage them to attend this workshop together.