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Ebola: members say we're still not ready


By David Durning, HSA Senior OHS Officer

Over the years, Canadian workers have fought for and gained important workplace health and safety rights.

The diligent exercise of these rights is proven to be the most effective way of ensuring workplace hazards are controlled.

These rights, enshrined in legislation and regulation, are:

What you need to know about Ebola

Ebola Backgrounder

There has never been a case of Ebola virus disease (EVD) in Canada.

In areas where Ebola is present, the virus can spread through:

OHS conference sets priorities to make you safer


HSA’s Occupational Health and Safety Conference held in June provided a great opportunity for OHS activists to connect with each other, share information and plan for the future.

Keynote speakers Dr. Joti Samra and Al Bieksa contributed significantly to a two-day event designed to provide tools, resources and planning opportunities for nearly 100 HSA joint occupational health and safety committee representatives from all across the province.

North American Occupational Safety & Health Week (NAOSH)

Safety Week this year is from May 4 to 10.  HSA chapters are encouraged to organize or participate in Safety Week activities planned for your sites. These events are usually organized by the facility Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committees and provide a great opportunity to profile the role of your Committee in your workplace.

OH&S Conference

This conference is open to any HSA member representing the union on a Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee.  Wage loss, travel and hotel costs will be covered according to HSA policies.

On-line registration is open until midnight, Sunday, May 25

The proposed agenda is as follows:

DAY 1:  Monday, June 16th

Day of Mourning - April 28, 2014

Across Canada, April 28 has been designated the Day of Mourning, a time when workers, families, employers and others come together to remember those who have lost their lives to work-related incidents or occupational diseases.