HSA Votes Pro Rep


I would like to thank all the HSA members who voted in BC’s Proportional Representation referendum, with special thanks to all those who participated in the HSA Votes Pro Rep initiative through signing a pledge card, collecting pledge cards, making phone calls, or organizing an educational presentation for an HSA chapter.

While the referendum outcome was not what we had hoped for, we can be proud of the work we accomplished together. We took action to strengthen our democratic system and promote better public health policy.

It was a challenging referendum. Opponents to Proportional Representation spread misinformation and spun many of the facts. But what we saw in this campaign was a genuine effort by HSA members to engage on the topic, understand the research, and participate in a referendum that could bring positive change to our province.

HSA was not alone in our efforts. Caring people across the province became activated over the course of the referendum, while others lay the foundation for it to happen. Collectively, we took on the important ground work that brings about change. We made phone calls, knocked on doors, attended public consultations, held conversations, delivered presentations, and spread information. HSA is part of a bigger whole, and we organized together to make a difference. While the work to bring Proportional Representation to BC is over for now, we have learned many important lessons through the course of this referendum that will help us move forward.

Our members’ actions brought awareness to the connections between democracy, public policy, and public health care. And through coming together to advocate for change, we have inspired others to get involved in the issues that matter to them. These ripple effects are immeasurable, but valuable.

Thanks again to all those who engaged with the campaign. May we continue to push forward together for a strengthened democracy and a stronger public health care system.

In solidarity,

Val Avery
HSA President