Strategic Plan 2021-2023

At HSA's 2015 Annual Convention, the union’s Board of Directors presented a strategic plan to see the union through to its 50th anniversary in 2021. The strategic plan helped guide the work of the union through challenges identified in a thorough research and consultation process that included conversations with activists, members, and many of HSA’s allies.

As we began an undertaking to renew the plan in early 2020, we — collectively and world-wide — were met with a new and unanticipated challenge that would have an unimagined and significant impact on each and every one of us — in our work as health care and community social service workers, in our personal lives, and in our communities. And while the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown our work and personal lives into crisis, HSA continues to be committed, as in 2015, to grow stronger and more focused than ever before, to achieve our members’ goals in the next round of collective bargaining, to ensure that we deliver on our mission, and to continue to move closer to our vision. 

This interim strategic plan renews HSA’s commitment to the guiding principles and priorities identified in the 2015–2020 Strategic Plan as we navigate through the next two to three years of operating in a much changed environment.