Welcome to the Health Sciences Association, the union delivering modern health care.

You're part of an organization representing over 20,000 highly skilled professionals working in health care and community social services at hundreds of facilities around BC. Working together, we form a powerful voice for our patients, the health care system, and respect for the people who make it work each and every day.

For more than fifty years we've helped members with workplace conflict, legal issues and organizational changes, protected them from unexpected illness, disability, and unsafe workplaces, negotiated fair pay with strong benefits and a reliable pension, delivered education and professional development and offered scholarships and bursaries to members and their families. We've also advocated for a stronger public health care system, improvements to community social services, and better services and wages for all British Columbians, not just union members.

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HSA is a democratic organization run by members like you. We elect our stewards, our Regional Directors and the President, and we debate and vote on policy at our annual convention. Help us make this a better union – talk to us!