Scholarships and Bursaries

Jackie Yih, anaesthesia assistant/respiratory therapist

HSA members and their families are eligible to apply for a number of educational scholarships and bursaries:

Deadline for 2023 HSA scholarship/bursary applications was Friday January 27, 2023 at 11:59 pm. Applications for 2024 HSA scholarships and bursaries will be available in November 2023. 

HSA Bursaries

Twenty $1500 full-time and four $750 part time bursaries are available to HSA members or their kids (aged 25 or younger).


Ten $1500 scholarships are available to HSA members and their kids (aged 25 or younger).

HSA Bursaries for INDIGENOUS students

HSA provides two $1500 bursaries to Indigenous students from BC who are continuing or proceeding in any HSA-related field.


The Madden Memorial Education Fund was established in 1984 following the death of Joe Madden, who was HSA's Assistant Executive Director from 1974 to 1984. Through the Madden Memorial Education Fund, HSA provides financial assistance to members attending external labour education programs.


HSA is an affiliate member of the National Union of Public and General Employees, and that means HSA members and their families are eligible to apply for a number of NUPGE scholarships -- the Brian Fudge Memorial Scholarship ($2500), the Tommy Douglas Scholarship ($2500), the Terry Fox Memorial Scholarship ($2500), the Scholarship for Indigenous Students ($2500), the Scholarship for Students of Colour ($2500), the Young Worker scholarships (2 at $2500), the Scholarship for LGBTQI2S Students ($2500) and the new Scholarship for Black Students ($2500)

The deadline for applications for NUPGE scholarships was August 12, 2022.


The Columbia Institute is a national charitable organization committed to lifelong learning that benefits all segments of society. It was established by Working Enterprises, a group of companies owned by the labour movement.


  • Nurses Education Bursary Program - This program provides up to $1 million in bursary funding, awarded each year to qualified nursing applicants who demonstrate the greatest financial need. Bursary awards range from $500 to $2,000 per recipient. Only one Bursary will be issued to an individual in a 12-month period. You are eligible if you are enrolled in a full-time nursing program of at least 4 months in length at a designated post-secondary institution that leads to a Certificate, Diploma or Degree recognized for practice in B.C.
  • British Columbia Loan Forgiveness program - Recent graduates in some professions can have their B.C. student loans forgiven by agreeing to work at publicly funded facilities in British Columbia. In some cases, eligibility also includes working in an underserved area of B.C. If you qualify for the program, the government of B.C. will forgive your outstanding B.C. student loan debt at a rate of 33 1/3% per year.
  • More information about BC government bursaries, loans and student aid


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