Political Action and Leadership Opportunities

There are many political action training and leadership opportunities open to HSA members across the province. Whatever your level of knowledge and experience about the political process, there’s an opportunity for you to learn new skills and put them to use.

Consider applying for one or more of the following:

Political Action Fund

The Political Action Fund (PAF) is a financial assistance resource for members who wish to engage in political activities that support progressive work and campaigns around the province.

This fund can be accessed for a variety of activities, for example:

  • attending a workshop offered by a labour council;
  • participating in an election training or skills development program; or
  • helping on a campaign run by an organization supported by HSA.

This fund helps members engage in political action activities around the province and advances the issues facing our communities and the labour movement.  Per-application fund limits are reviewed annually by the Political Action Committee.

For more information about the Political Action Fund and to apply for funds, download the application package here

Core Member Engagement Team

HSA’s Core Member Engagement Team is an intensive member program that supports the skills and leadership development of HSA members working towards a stronger union. 

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Constituency Liaison Program

Be part of a program that has been linking  HSA members to their local MLAs for over 20 years. 

2024-2026 terms are open - Apply Now!

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Labour Council Delegate

Be part of solidarity in your community. As the link between your HSA Chapter and the local Labour Council, you let other unions know about the issues we face, and your Chapter know about the work being done by unions in your area to address larger issues of inequity and injustice. To find out more or get involved, talk to your steward.

For any further information or questions, email Nicole Seguin at nicole.seguin [at] hsabc.org