Core Member Engagement Team

The Core Member Engagement Team is an annual intensive member program that supports the leadership development of HSA members towards increasing member activism in the union. The program combines organizing training, team building, and on-the-ground mobilizing to prepare new union activists to confront the challenges facing our union, our communities, and the world.

Each year's team consists of 6 to 8 Core Member Engagers recruited through an open application process. The team is usually booked off from work for a six-week period to do engagement work at HSA chapters.

Your 2021 Core Member Engagement Team

Gordon Ling
  Prince Rupert Regional Hospital   

Lisa Daechsel
  BC Children's and Women's Hospital    

Kris Lally
   BC Cancer Agency - Abbotsford    
Alex Thomson
      Vancouver General Hospital    

Taz Khandwani

Monivoi Vataiki
HSA Staff

Kim Templeton
HSA Staff