Extended health and welfare benefits

Don Ta, biomedical engineering technologist
Don Ta, biomedical engineering technologist


HSA members are protected by health and welfare benefits negotiated and protected by your union and administered by your employer through the Healthcare Benefit Trust.

The following documents are provided by the Healthcare Benefit Trust. Please see the human resources department at your worksite if you have questions about coverage, or if you are covered by contracts other than those shown below.

Health Science Professionals

  • Joint Health Science Benefit Trust
    • The Joint Health Science Benefits Trust (JHSBT) is an Employee Life & Health Trust (ELHT) that was established April 1, 2017 to provide employee benefits to members of the Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association (HSPBA) and their dependents. The JHSBT is governed by a Jointly-Trusteed Board (Trustees) with equal representation by unions and employers participating in the JHSBT.
    • HSA members are represented on the board by trustees, who have a fiduciary responsibility to act for the benefit of JHSBT and its beneficiaries.  A Health Benefits Design Review Committee of Trustees is one of several committees that reports to the Board of Trustees, and provides guidance and advice to the board on ways in which to potentially improve or vary health and welfare coverage options for members.
    • To provide input and feedback on your benefits plan, contact the JHSBT trustees at @email

Regular Employees

Casual employees

Registered Psychiatric Nurses

Community Health Services and Support

Regular Employees

Casual Employees

Community Social Services (General Services)

Community Social Services (Community Living)

Alouette Addiction Services

West Coast Medical Imaging