2024 HSA OHS Conference

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Registration is now Open! 2024 OHS Conference

"OHS Exposed"

Registration is now open for the 2024 HSA OHS Conference.  The conference takes place in Vancouver on February 8 and 9 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.  There will a be a number of workshops and keynotes from health and safety professionals, academics and practitioners addressing our theme “OHS Exposed”.  The theme represents how workers in health care and community social services are exposed to so many conditions such as violence, psychological stress and injury, ergonomic issues, and physical hazards. It is our OHS stewards, JOHS committee members and steward teams that are first to experience these issues.

Keynote Presenters this year come from across British Columbia and Canada, all are knowledgeable about health and safety and healthcare and community social services.  Keynotes include Dr. Daryl Stephenson, OHS educator and ergonomist, Diane Vissers, a renowned leader in workplace mental health education and advocacy, Dr. Cheryl Peters, a leading scientist in workplace exposure, and Allan Lee, a clinical councillor pharmacist and union advocate in workplace psych health and safety and self care.   In addition to the high-quality keynotes there will be dozens of breakout workshops on OHS topics ranging from the new violence curriculum, Worksafe initiatives, to using the collective agreements.

Register early as seats are limited and filling fast. Priority will go to OHS stewards and JOHS committee members, lead stewards and general stewards are also encouraged to apply.

If you require any more information, contact you HSA OHS team at @email.


See you in February!

Your OHS team.