Decolonization Workshop

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HSA is pleased to offer another opportunity to attend this two-day workshop! 

DATES:           November 29-30, 2023
TIME:              9:00 am to 4:30 pm
LOCATION:    Virtual – Zoom details to follow

This two-day virtual workshop will help non-Indigenous HSA members to develop the skills, compassion, and abilities required to recognize and change colonial systems and practices in their personal and professional lives. These are the vital first steps in playing an active and meaningful part in Decolonization. Learning the true history of these lands, place-based understanding, and looking at history through an Indigenous lens will allow self-reflection and a deeper understanding of the ongoing trauma and harm that is the legacy of colonization.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be better able to demonstrate cultural literacy and discover ways to better serve the populations with whom they work. Participants should bring with them an open mind and an open heart to get the most out of what is sure to be an enlightening workshop.

HSA is pleased to have Hummingbirds Rising Consultants Rhiannon Bennett and Andrea Hilder facilitate this two-day workshop to allow HSA members to work toward understanding colonization, its impacts, and provide opportunity to actively reconcile and work towards Decolonization.

Rhiannon Bennett is Musqueam and is well known for asking tough questions in a manner that encourages engagement and dialogue. She is actively working to create a more equitable world for all. Professionally, she has worked with Indigenous youth and families with overarching themes of her work being Decolonization and Reconciliation. In 2014, she was the first Indigenous person elected to the Delta Board of Education.

Andrea Hilder is an education professional, former foster parent, and non-Indigenous parent of an Indigenous child. She has been a family support worker and a child and family advocate for two decades. Decolonization is the lens through which she learns, lives, and teaches.

Participants registered for this session will receive wage replacement and dependent care expenses in accordance with HSA policy. Please note, no meal per diems will be provided.

Members must be able to attend both days: November 29 & 30, 2023. Space is limited.

To register for this workshop log into My Events Registration using the prompts provided. Workshops are listed under Steward Education events. Please select ‘create a login’ through the Event Registration and click on the ‘here’ to receive your member ID by email or call the HSA office at 604.517.0994 or 1.800.663.6119 if you do not know your HSA member ID number.