Social Justice Day 2024 Workshop: Resisting Burnout and Vicarious Trauma and the Zone of Fabulousness

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Date: February 20, 2024
Time: 9am - 4:30pm
Location: Virtual via Zoom

HSA is pleased to have Vikki Reynolds return to facilitate this one-day workshop during which she will differentiate vicarious trauma and burn out from the spiritual and ethical pain that our work engenders when we are unable to provide dignity and social justice to the people we want to help. We will explore our relationship with hope and how to resist patronizing self-care prescriptions for workers. We will also consider a frame for resisting burn out based on how we treat people while avoiding pathologizing as mentally deficient both ourselves and others. That what brings us to The Zone of Fabulousness -- where we resist enmeshment and disconnection, and hold connection, collective ethics, and the person at the centre of our work.

This workshop is open to all HSA members who are interested in learning more about how to cope with vicarious trauma and burnout related to workplace struggles, collective ethics, and social justice.

Facilitator’s Biography:

Vikki Reynolds (PhD RCC) is an activist/therapist who works to bridge the worlds of social justice activism with community work and therapy. Vikki is a white settler on the territories of the Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh and Musqueam nations. Vikki's people are Irish and English folks, and she is a heterosexual woman with cisgender privilege. Her experience includes supervision and therapy with People with Lived/Living Experience and other workers responding to the opioid catastrophe, refugees, and survivors of torture - including Indigenous people who have survived residential schools and other state violence, sexualized violence counsellors, mental health and substance misuse counsellors, housing and shelter workers, activists, and working alongside gender and sexually diverse communities. Vikki is an Adjunct Professor and has written and presented internationally.

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Participants will receive wage replacement, and pre-approved dependent care costs for virtual workshops in accordance with HSA Policy. No meal per diems will be provided.

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