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Constituency Liaison Workshop

Be part of HSA’s non-partisan program focused on educating MLAs and Ministers about issues experienced throughout HSA. The issues we bring forward through the program are grounded in the experiences of you, HSA members. By joining the Constituency Liaison program, you are part of ensuring that all elected representatives, no matter what political party they represent, are aware of the challenges we face and the solutions we have to offer.

There are currently two streams in this program – one with a focus on health care issues, and one that focuses on child development centres.

Date:           January 18, 2023
Time:           9:00AM - 4:30PM
Location:    Virtual via Zoom
This workshop provides training for members to become Constituency Liaisons. Constituency Liaisons relate first-hand experience delivering health care and community social services across BC to let elected representatives know about the urgent challenges we face, and the creative solutions we have to offer. This workshop gives you the information and skills about how to talk to elected officials about issues facing HSA members.

HSA provides the theoretical and practical training to give you confidence in these conversations, and the credible, reliable information to help you ensure that all elected representatives in British Columbia understand the issues facing our members, our union, and our communities.

The constructive relationships built through this program have helped shape government policy and support strong public health care and community social services.

This workshop is open to all HSA members who are interested in making our political representatives aware of the important role we play in delivering health care and community social services across the province.

Participants will receive wage replacement, and pre-approved dependent care costs in accordance with HSA Policy.

To register for this workshop log into My Events Registration using the prompts provided. Please select ‘create a login’ through the Event Registration and click on the ‘here’ to receive your member ID by email or call the HSA office at 604 517 0994 or 1 800 663 2017 if you do not know your HSA member ID number.