Workshop on the Climate Crisis

Event Type

Date: Thursday, November 16, 2023

Time: 9am - 4:30pm

Location: Virtual via Zoom

HSA members are witnessing and experiencing the impacts of the climate crisis every day in the important work you do across the province. The scale and severity of the climate crisis often makes individuals feel that they have no role or power to address it. In a customized, full-day workshop we will move from despair to action with a focus on organizing, movement-building, and learning more about those who are most affected. We will also include elements of joy and delight because fun must be an essential part of our activist practices.

Participants will leave the workshop with:
- Clarity on the values they want to apply to their activism.
- Topics and issues on which to focus their climate action.
- An introductory plan of action.

This workshop is open to all HSA members. Those who have never taken an HSA elective workshop will be prioritized.

Facilitator Biographies:

Ablaze Services is a consulting service owned by Nadine Nakagawa and Trudi Goels. We offer communications and campaigns support, workshops, facilitation, and anti-oppression training to organizations whose work uplifts others and challenges systems. We value Decolonizing our work and the systems we work within, and ground ourselves in anti-racism, inclusion, accessibility, intersectional feminism, acts of allyship working toward solidarity and eventually co-conspiratorship. And we can’t forget joy, whimsy, and laughter.

Registration Information:

Participants will receive wage replacement and pre-approved dependent care expenses in accordance with HSA policy.

Members who are interested in this workshop are asked to will complete a registration application by logging into My Events Registration using the prompts provided. Workshops are listed under “Other Events.” Please call the HSA office at 604.517.0994 or 1.800.663.2017 if you do not know your HSA member ID number.