Trial Committee


HSA's Trial Committee plays an integral role in the union's internal dispute resolution process. 

In accordance with Article 15, Section 1 of HSA's Constitution, a complaint may be lodged against a fellow HSA member when they believe the member has:

  1. violated any provision of the Constitution; 
  2. revealed confidential information about the union or the membership or personal information about a member or members to anyone not entitled to such information
  3. crossed a union picket line; 
  4. committed fraud or misrepresentation in connection with a union election; or&
  5. engaged in an activity or course of conduct that is detrimental to the welfare or best interests of the union

If the investigator appointed by the HSA Board of Directors finds that the complaint has sufficient merit to proceed to trial, a hearing panel is convened comprised of members of the Trial Committee. Five HSA members are elected to the committee annually at HSA's Convention, and the committee members elect a committee chair.  


Chelsea Bellingham (Region 1)
Bailey McKay (Region 1)
Lara Seguin (Region 3)
Kendra Tapscott (Region 5)
Penny Regier (Region 7)
Benjamin Perry (Region 7)
Freda Otieno (Region 9)

Staff: Miriam Sobrino