Resolutions Committee


The HSA Resolutions Committee reviews resolutions submitted by members to the annual convention. The Committee makes recommendations of concurrence or nonconcurrence for consideration by convention delegates.


Mandi Ayers (Chair, Vice-President, Region 10 Director)
Alexandra Thomson (Region 4 Director, non-voting)
Morag Kydd (Region 1)
Jade Stuart (Region 2)
Livia Davies (Region 3)
Laura Greenwood (Region 4)
Lisa Daechsel (Region 5)
Neilofur Akhtar (Region 6)
Penny Regier (Region 7)
Laurie Golemiec (Region 8)
Mike Tyson (Region 9)
Jenn Hiscock (Region 10)

Kane Tse (President, Ex-officio)

Staff - Miriam Sobrino, Rosemary DeYagher

For more information about this committee, send an e-mail to the committee chair.

Terms of reference for the Resolutions Committee