2010 Canadian Labour Congress Winter School

One of Canadas best labour schools, held at Harrison Hot Springs, in January and February 2010

The CLC Winter School offers a wide variety of week-long, quality labour orientated courses.  Past HSA participants have rated the courses and the experience highly.  The school offers an opportunity to meet people from other unions and workplaces across BC.  To support HSAs ability to represent HSA members effectively and to help build a stronger union, members and/or stewards can apply to take courses chosen to meet these objectives.

HSA offers a number of scholarships which cover full reimbursement for wages, travel, registration, accommodation (twin), meals and dependant care.  In addition, HSA provides one Ann Hallman Scholarship.

HSA members can apply for an HSA scholarship or the Ann Hallman Scholarship by completing an application form (attached).  Please note that HSA CLC Winter School Scholarships are popular, and more applications are usually received than can be accommodated.  Application forms must be fully completed and received at HSAs office by 4:00 p.m., Tuesday, November 24, 2009, to be considered.  Please contact Leila Lolua for further information.

Application Deadline:  4:00 p.m., November 24, 2009

For dates and course information, please see attached information sheet.

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Application form.

Information sheet.

Ann Hallman Scholarship Application Form.