2013 HSA Scholarship and Bursary recipients

Melissa Eden, HSA bursary recipient
Melissa Eden used her HSA bursary to complete a Bachelor and Science in Psychology



"I completed my Bachelor of Science in Psychology last week and am now entering the work force. Thank you for your support it was appreciated and will be put to good use, :)"

Melissa Eden is one of HSA's 2013 bursary recipients. As the daughter of a member working as a ultrasound technologist at Kelowna General Hospital, she's one of dozens of young people who have receive HSA scholarships or bursaries each year. With this support, she's just completed her studies at UBC Okanagan.

"It was a very helpful boost to my journey as an undergraduate. It has been a long process for me to finish my degree and as you can tell by the delayed e-mail, I have been studying hard to finish."


Charlene Chen, dietitian, Vancouver General Hospital
James Champion, son of Lana Leeson, physiotherapist, Vancouver General Hospital
Breahn Giesbrecht, medical laboratory technologist, Langley Memorial Hospital
Ivonne Montgomery, occupational therapist, Sunny Hill Health Centre
Nicole Davidson, behaviour interventionist, Central Okanagan Child Development Association
Andrea Wnuk, respiratory therapist, Vancouver General Hospital
Breanna Yee, daughter of Brenda Yee, health records administrator, Vancouver General Hospital
Priscilla Westlake, daughter of Barbara Westlake, Deltassist Family and Community Services
Amanjit Poonian, social worker, Abbotsford Regional Hospital
Hannah Swain, daughter of Lynda Swain, occupational therapist, Sunny Hill Health Centre
First runner up: Liam Muir, son of Michele Tardif, IDP consultant, Sources Community Resources Society
Second runner up: Christiana Moser, daughter of Colleen McKenna, cytogenetics technologist, Victoria General Hospital
Third runner up: Mariana Rubin, daughter of Moray McLean, occupational therapist, Centre for Ability


Suzanne Lukac, daughter of Beatrice Lukac, group therapist, Vancouver General Hospital
Kimberley Pflieger, cardiology technologist, Penticton Regional Hospital
Cherie Bates, clinical trials data coordinator, BCCA Cancer Centre for the South Interior
Thea Jardine, aboriginal mental health counsellor, Vancouver Community Mental Health Services
Forrest McCoy, son of Trudy Pel, medical radiation technologist, Children's and Women's Hospital
Monica Freudenreich, receptionist, AIDS Vancouver
Stephanie Gould, behaviour interventionist, Central Okanagan Child Development Association
Zoe Bigwood, daughter of Jane Corrigan, occupational therapist, Kelowna General Hospital
Erin Sharp, daughter of Theresa and Stephen Sharp, medical laboratory technologists, Richmond Hospital
Samantha Thomson, behaviour interventionist, Central Okanagan Child Development Association
Matthew Lockhart, son of Heather Lockhart, adult youth and child worker, South Okanagan Women in Need Society
Bradley Bourne, son of Kellie Bourne, medical laboratory technologist, Surrey Memorial Hospital
Susan Summers, music therapist, Langara and Richmond Hospital
Kailen Houle, daughter of Anita Olson, physiotherapist, Shuswap Health Services
Riley Crape, son of Darcie Crape, medical radiation technologist, Campbell River Hospital
Jody Konarski, internet cafe facilitator, Open Door Group
Brooke Forrest, daughter of Kim Forrest, medical radiation technologist, Royal Inland Hospital
James Tait, son of Nicola Tait, physiotherapist, Fellburn Care Centre
Stuart Pell, son of Lorina Pell, recreation therapist, Kelowna General Hospital
Taylor Reitmeier, son of Nicoline Reitmeier, medical laboratory technologist, Arrow Lakes Hospital
First runner up: Susan Chahal, social worker, Surrey Memorial Hospital
Second runner up: Justin Dulce, son of Antonette Dulce, nuclear medicine technologist, Royal Jubilee Hospital
Third runner up: Janet Conrad, daughter of Patricia Conrad, occupational therapist, Abbotsford Regional Hospital


Jaskaran Giddha, medical radiation technologist, Surrey Memorial Hospital
Sanjiv Khangura, pharmacist, Royal Columbian Hospital
Charlotte Nanalal, radiation therapist, BCCA Fraser Valley Cancer Centre
Paulina Napastiuk, social worker, Burnaby Hospital
First runner up: Juhee Woo, health records administrator, BCCA Vancouver Cancer Centre


Ann Seaweed
Deborah Metz
First runner up: Tyler Desorcy