All community social services workers deserve their negotiated wage increase

The Community Social Services Bargaining Association, the multi-union bargaining association that represents community social services workers, is working to ensure that all community social service workers receive the wage increase they are entitled to as of April 1, 2013 without any cuts to agency programs or services.

The bargaining association learned that a small number of employers are not paying the 1.5% wage increase that was agreed to in April because the agencies  have not received government funding to pay the negotiated wages. Some employers are deciding to reduce the number of hours of work and/or cutting programs and services instead.
The funding issues concern a small number of agencies - largely in the General Services subsector – that have not received sufficient funding from the Ministry of Children and Families (MCFD). Other agencies are not affected.
This is unacceptable. Wage increases were negotiated in good faith and everyone deserves their increase as of April 1, without cuts to programs or services. The pay raises were negotiated and ratified within the government’s so-called co-operative gains mandate, which identified cost savings to fund the pay raises. However, MCFD has failed to provide bridge funding to cover the payroll increase until the cost savings can be achieved in two to three years.
The unions representing affected members are working to rectify this problem as soon as possible. The concerns have been communicated  to the Community Social Services Employers’ Association (CSSEA) and to the B.C. government directly, and are working to confirm the MCFD funding as soon as possible.
The bargaining association is also meeting with CSSEA this week to address this issue.
Meanwhile, if you are a community social service worker who has not as yet received your wage increase, please contact your union immediately so that a grievance can be filed on your behalf.
The Community Social Services Bargaining Association bargains on behalf of 10,000 unionized community social service workers in British Columbia that are represented by BCGEU, CUPE, HEU, HSA and six other unions.