Amendments strengthen HSPBA tentative agreement

The Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association tentative agreement has been amended to reflect two developments that have flowed out of review and discussion of the agreement.

First, under wages, an Economic Stability Dividend payout was left out of the original document. This was an error of omission which came to our attention November 21, 2013.  It was corrected that same day by agreement of the parties and properly included in the tentative agreement as posted here. The potential for payout is February  1, 2016.

Second, as a result of the spirit of comparability with the BCGEU and Nurses Bargaining Association agreements, an improvement has been made to  the terms of the joint benefits trust.  The change in the LTD risk obligation reduces the risk for the trust to less than half of what it was originally agreed. The cost of LTD benefits comprises roughly 50 per cent of the entire cost of all benefits combined. This language is found on Page 9, Paragraph 15.

Taken together, these two amendments strengthen the tentative agreement and give members even more reason to vote YES.

To read the tentative agreement, click here.

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