Andrew Duarte appointed HSA Region 1 Regional Director

Andrew Duarte, a Homeless Outreach and Prevention Counsellor at John Howard Society, has been appointed Regional Director to represent HSA members on the HSA Board of Directors.

His appointment comes following the resignation of Becky Packer, who was unable to continue in the role for personal reasons. Packer also served as the union’s secretary-treasurer.

Duarte was appointed by the Board of Directors in accordance with the union’s constitution, which states that “if a vacancy occurs within six months of the expiry of the term of office, the vacancy will be filled by the Resolution Committee member elected by that Region.” Packer resigned November 3, 2022.

Duarte was elected to serve on the union’s Resolution Committee by members in Region 1 and will fulfill the responsibilities of a member of the Board of Directors to the end of the term – April 21, 2023.

The Board of Directors elected Jing-Yi Ng, Regional Director for Region 3, to serve as Secretary Treasurer for the remainder of the term ending April 21, 2023.