Applications Due Friday: HSA 2021 Core Member Engagement Team

Are you interested in becoming more involved with HSA member outreach, organizing and mobilizing?

Apply Today to HSA's 2021 Core Member Engagement Team!

 HSA is now accepting applications for the 2021 Core Member Engagement Team. Applications are due on Friday, July 16 by 11:59 PM PST.

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The Core Member Engagement Team (CMET) is a hands-on organizing cohort designed to empower HSA members and build Union power. CMET participants will develop the strong outreach, membership recruitment, and retainment skills needed to be a valuable asset to any HSA chapter.

With the HSPBA, CSS, NBA, and CBA collective agreements all expiring in 2022, this is a great time for HSA members from across the province to start strengthening their collective voice and organizing together towards workplace goals.

Program Details:

HSA’s Core Member Engagement Team is an intensive member program that supports the leadership development of HSA members towards building a stronger, more responsive, and more participatory union. The program combines organizing training, team building, on-the-ground mobilization, and personal reflection to prepare a new generation of union activists to confront the challenges facing our union, our communities, and the world.

The program provides 6 weeks of full-time book-off time for intensive training, ground work, and reflection running from early October to mid-November 2021. Beginning with three days of training and orientation in late September, team members will come together to build community and learn the basics of organizing conversations, mapping and charting workplaces, and turning issues into campaigns. The bulk of the program is on-the-ground work at HSA worksites in direct contact with members through phone calls, one-on-one meetings, walkabouts, and chapter meetings.

Core Member Engagers will meet as a group at the beginning of each week for a briefing, debrief daily with the team, and debrief individually with a staff organizer over the phone at the end of the week. Following the campaign book-off period, member engagers are tasked with bringing their new skills and experience back to their respective worksites.

Depending on the state of COVID-19 and public health guidelines, alternative methods such as video conferencing, group and text messaging, phone calls and other online actions will be explored in order to maintain safe physical distancing.

How to Apply:

Applications are due on Friday, July 16 at 11:59 PM PST. Click here to apply!