Bargaining proposal deadlines near; surveys still open

The week of November 19, HSA will hold bargaining proposal conferences related to the four public sector contracts under which members work.

Local union meetings are being held for members to discuss proposals for consideration at the conferences, which will set the direction for bargaining new collective agreements. The contracts all expire March 31, 2014.

In addition to local proposal meetings, the union has conducted an extensive and representative survey of health science professionals who work under the Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association (HSPBA) collective agreement. The survey results will help inform delegates to the Bargaining Proposal Conference, who will set the direction for the bargaining committee in the next round for contract talks.

There are still opportunities for HSA members who work under the nurses', community health, and community social services' collective agreements to have a say in the direction to their representatives at the bargaining table. Also check for meetings being scheduled at your worksite.

Members are encouraged to share their perspectives and priorities through online surveys.

Registered Psychiatric Nurses can complete a survey here:

HSA members who work in the Community Health Sector, please click here:

HSA members in the Community Social Services Sector please click here:

Surveys will close at midnight, Tuesday November 12.