BC unions gearing up to protest Bill 12

Sinclair says coordinated job action is being taken to reach a settlement

BC Federation of Labour news release

Vancouver — Officers of unions affiliated to the B.C. Federation of Labour today announced that workers will begin protesting Bill 12 on Monday in Greater Victoria if the government refuses to negotiate a settlement with the BC Teachers Federation.

-Theres a window of opportunity today and over the weekend for the government to reach out and finally show the leadership that British Columbians expect," said Sinclair. -The governments move to legislate a contract and take away democratic rights is an attack on all working people and its time for the government to do the right thing and come to the table."

-We expect shutdowns throughout Greater Victoria as union members, supportive parents and community groups take part in the protest of Bill 12," explained Sinclair.- Officers have unanimously agreed to leave all patient care services intact, so health care facilities will not be affected."

-This is the first stage of action we are announcing in an effort to get a fair deal for teachers," warned Sinclair. -We hope the government reaches out to do the right thing so we dont have to make further announcements, but we have prepared a plan should the need arise and will update the public as necessary."

-Our goal is very clear ... we want a table to negotiate a settlement to this dispute that gives teachers the dignity that everyone knows they deserve," Sinclair said.

-This government promised to end the confrontation they created over the past four years," Sinclair said. -Its unfortunate the government doesnt understand that taking away our rights and abusing legislative power will not solve this dispute. Were off to a very bad start."

-The resolution to this dispute does not belong in the courts ... it belongs at the negotiating table between the government and teachers," stated Sinclair. -Lets get our kids back to school."

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