BCNU raid of Mission Memorial fails

With time running down for the raid season, BCNU has lost another attempt to take registered psychiatric nurses out of HSA. The BCNU had tried to move members at Mission Memorial Hospital out of HSA but the Labour Board today confirmed they did not have the support of the RPNs as the vote was in favour of HSA.

Earlier this year an application for Overlander Residential Care was dismissed before a vote was held due to a lack of support for BCNU.

Members at both Mission Memorial Hospital and Overlander are now protected from the harassment campaign by BCNU paid organizers for 22 months.

This aggressive behaviour has had a profound impact on our members at the workplace. HSA is supporting those members by asking the Labour Relations Board to declare Unfair Labour Practice by the BCNU. BCNU tactics at Chilliwack went so far as to compromise RPNs' ability to fairly participate in a intimidation-free vote. The concerns that arose led the LRB to seal the ballot in order to investigate fully before determining whether the vote could be seen as fair.