Bi-Annual HSA Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Report Released Today

It has been just under two years since HSA completed an extensive survey of racialized members and their experiences of racism at work, the final results of which were released as the “Confronting Racism with Solidarity” report. The report “In Plain Sight” authored by Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond and her investigation into anti-Indigenous racism within BC’s health care system was released just a few months later. These reports illustrate two truths within our health care system: racism exists in our workplaces and among our membership; and as a union we are committed to dismantling racism and other compounding aspects of oppression in the system we work in, the actions of management, and even within ourselves.

While HSA’s members and staff work to address and change oppressive systems has been conducted for many years, in our two most recent conventions HSA members have made anti-oppression efforts a high priority of our union, and approved budgets allocating significant resources towards this aim.

Oppressive systems such as racism, colonialism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, ableism and classism have been established over hundreds of years, which means they will not be dismantled quickly or easily, and that all of us need to participate as change agents. HSA members have demonstrated sustained commitment and dedication to undertaking anti-oppression as evidenced by record-setting attendance at decolonization and anti-racism workshops, and further engagement on the topics of justice, equity, decolonization, diversity and inclusion.

This report sets out a number of key definitions, goals, and principles that set out a foundation for shared understanding of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion issues and terms. It provides a high-level summary of the work done, and investigations being undertaken by the HSA Director of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the first year of the role. Finally the report sets out four priority areas of focus for the coming months. There will be a bi-annual report going forward to inform members about this work and promote opportunities to get involved.  Through respectful engagement and consultation we will continue to challenge ourselves and support each other in our efforts to ensure our workplaces, professions, and union are equitable, diverse, inclusive and just.

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