BIPOC members invited to series of caucus meetings in new year

HSA invites all BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) members to participate in the upcoming series of BIPOC Caucus meetings to discuss the role of affinity/caucus spaces in organizations to address systemic racism.  For more information on Caucus/affinity spaces please read here and here and here.

This will be a series of meetings facilitated by Natasha Aruliah and interested members are encouraged to attend all four sessions. Natasha has worked with HSA on equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) initiatives and provided education workshops since 2014. Natasha also currently co-facilitates the Anti-Racism workshops being offered through HSA.   

These BIPOC meetings will frame how and why affinity/caucuses spaces are important in EDI efforts, clarifying the purpose and role of caucus spaces. We will also create community guidelines/agreements and shared language that will give the BIPOC Caucus​ structure going forward supporting its continuation, if needed.

As part of these sessions, we will also explore how the union’s Racial Justice Committee might be formed. Delegates to the union’s 2021 convention passed a resolution to create the committee.

Please note that the BIPOC caucus is only for BIPOC people only. The work of the Racial Justice Committee will include a broader intersection of HSA members.

Members who want to participate in this initial discussion in the BIPOC caucus are asked to commit to attending all of the five dates below. All sessions will be 90 mins long, in the evening from 6.30 – 8.00 pm.  The group may find that not all five sessions are needed, but organizers want to ensure we have enough time to address all the goals of these sessions.

“Change happens at the speed of trust”!


Wednesday, January 12, and 26 

February 9 and 23 and

Monday, March 7th



Please RSVP to:

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