Brief Ergonomic Review Cardiac Ultrasound

In May 2012, FORME Ergonomics was contracted by Marty Lovick, Senior Labour Relations Officer, Health Sciences Association of British Columbia, to investigate a query from a number of members regarding insufficient information  on cardiac ultrasonography contained in the Best Practices for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers package recently released by the Health Sciences Association. The objective was to complete a brief review of ergonomic concerns present in cardiac ultrasonography and determine whether additional information on this type of diagnostic sonography could be provided.

On May 29th, Carmel Murphy, RPT, CCPE met with two cardiac sonographers at Peace Arch Hospital, Fraser Health Authority and observed them performing a variety of cardiac ultrasounds

The following report and associated recommendations is based on observations and interviews made during the site visit with the above staff and provides the following information obtained during this assessment.  

  • Methods used for cardiac ultrasounds
  • Similarities with other scanning types
  • Differences with other scanning types
  • Work practice recommendations

Please do not hesitate to contact FORME Ergonomics if you have any questions.

Carmel Murphy, MSc. CCPE, CDMP

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