Byelection Called to Fill Board of Directors Vacancy

A byelection has been called for a new member of HSA’s Board of Directors from Region 5. The vacancy was created by the resignation of Regional Director Jill Slind on May 3, 2024.

“The decision to do this was particularly hard because I can honestly say that I love serving as your Regional Director. I love working with my fellow Board members and the exceptionally talented union staff we have to ensure that the Union as an organization continues to be best positioned to serve you — its members. It is absolutely rewarding work that is replete with opportunities to expand your network, learn and work in governance, and participate in the provincial and national union movements.” Slind said in a message to members.

Nominations are open until May 27, 2024; a link to the nomination form is at the bottom of this email. To nominate a candidate, please complete the nomination form and return it to @email. A virtual all-candidates’ meeting will take place on June 3, 2024; electronic balloting will open at the end of the all-candidates’ meeting and close on July 8, 2024.

This is an excellent opportunity for members to serve on the HSA Board of Directors, contribute to the leadership of the union, and to represent the interests of other members. HSA’s Board of Directors comprises 10 Regional Directors elected by members from their region, and the President, who is elected every two years by delegates to the union’s convention. To be eligible, a nominee must have been a member of HSA for at least one year immediately prior to election, and be nominated in writing by two members in the region they are seeking to represent. The term of office is two years and Regional Directors may serve for up to three consecutive terms.

Responsible for the overall governance of the union, board members uphold HSA policies and attend Board of Director meetings, held at least quarterly in person – when possible – at the union office in New Westminster. Regional Directors chair or participate on HSA committees – such as Occupational Health and Safety, Education, Committee on Equity and Social Action, Political Action, Young Workers, and Women’s – which meet at least two times a year.  As assigned by the president, they serve as HSA representatives to events and external meetings. Regional Directors chair Regional Meetings and report to members in their region regularly.

While the union provides wage replacement at Regional Directors’ regular rate of pay for shifts missed due to participation in meetings related to their role on the Board of Directors, as well as reimbursement for associated travel, accommodation, and dependent care costs, Regional Directors also devote considerable volunteer time to the position to allow for material review, responding to emails, and periodic evening meetings held by telephone or online.

The successful candidate will assume the position immediately upon election and serve until the end of the union’s next annual convention in the spring of 2025.
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