Call for Indigenous Advisory Circle and JEDI Demographic Survey Completion

Indigenous HSA members invited to participate in Advisory Circle

If you are an Indigenous HSA member the union would like to invite you to join the Indigenous Advisory Circle. Participants will help lead and steer the work of decolonization at HSA by working to establish priorities for Indigenous members.

Indigenuity Consulting Group ( is assisting HSA with our efforts on Indigenous inclusion and decolonization. In an effort to help the union to establish an Indigenous Advisory Circle they would like to connect with interested potential members who identify as Indigenous. This discussion can be completed by phone or Zoom, and will take approximately 30 minutes. 

If you are interested in this opportunity, please respond to jedi [at] and they will connect you with Janis Brooks from Indigenuity to arrange a time for your discussion.

Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) demographic survey complete

HSA administered its first demographic survey in June 2022 and the union received 1299 responses. While an encouraging level of participation, the sample size is not large enough to be considered representative, but the union has heard from 274 members expressed interest in a JEDI Working Group, and we also received 11 responses to an invitation to join an Indigenous Advisory Circle. 
The JEDI Working Group will work to develop social justice initiatives through an intersectional lens – an approach that seeks to understand how individuals or groups experience marginalization differently and in ways that may be compounded by more than one factor, like gender identity, sexuality, ability, socio-economic status and faith. Both of the JEDI Working Group and the Indigenous Advisory Circle will work with each other when appropriate and alongside the Racial Justice Committee. The call for this group will be issued this winter once the Racial Justice Committee has been established.