Can work be safe, when home isn't'?

 A National Survey on Domestic Violence

The findings are shocking – one third of the respondents to a recent survey reported experiencing domestic violence at the hands of an intimate partner. More than half of those reporting abuse said that at least one type of abusive act occurred at or near their workplace.

The most common types of abuse that enter a person's workplace are abusive phone calls or text messages and stalking or harassment.

The Canadian Labour Congress partnered with researchers at the University of Western Ontario and conducted the first ever Canadian survey on domestic violence in the workplace. The Health Sciences Association of BC supported the survey and encouraged members to participate.

The survey results are in and this research has helped define the scope of the problem, but it is only a first step. Next steps include using these survey results to establish pro-active practices to address the impact of domestic violence in the workplace.

In the coming weeks and months, you will see the HSA broaden its campaign to raise awareness about domestic abuse and improve workplace responses to this violence. Collective social change is required and one place that these necessary changes must occur is in the workplace. The union, with its research and education resources, steward networks and workplace occupational health and safety committees has a key role and responsibility in taking on this issue.

Detailed information regarding the survey results can be found here: