Canadian Nursing Week Workshop for RPNs

To celebrate Canadian Nursing Week, May 8 to 14, Health Sciences Association has partnered with the Canadian Mental Health Association to offer a new workshop specifically for HSA Registered Psychiatric Nurses.

Join us at the HSA head office in New Westminster, BC on Thursday, May 11 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm for this two-part workshop:

Working Together to Address Workplace Mental Health keynote and Awareness of Mental Health Workshop.

Full workshop descriptions are included below. These workshops are designed specifically for members working in mental health settings.
Dinner will be provided to all workshop participants at 5:30 pm.

Space is limited so register early to reserve your space. Participants will receive a workshop confirmation e-mail when their spot has been confirmed.
Please note that this workshop is part of the new general membership education series and wage replacement and travel costs are not being provided. Questions can be directed to Janice Davis, or by phone at 604-220-5874.

Keynote: Working Together to Address Workplace Mental Health

Creating a psychologically healthy workplace involves working together at all levels within an organization as well as understanding the institutional and environmental influences that guide mental health promotion and protection. 
This keynote will provide insight into interventions that help build individual resiliency through knowledge and awareness, and will address relational and social supports for workers, supervisors and others who experience mental illness.
Workplace and organizational supports, including psychological health and safety infrastructure, and related policies and procedures that support workplace interventions will be discussed within the context of our communities, families and health systems.

Awareness of Mental Health Workshop

This workshop is designed to help build comfort in talking about mental health and mental illness, and to learn how to respond in a supportive way to co-workers who may be experiencing a mental illness.
This workshop begins by building an understanding of the continuum of mental health, the various mental health issues, and the risk and protective factors that influence our current state of mental health.
Personal stories are used to help build awareness of what it is like to experience mental illnesses like anxiety disorders or depression at work. By working through case studies, participants practice having difficult conversations and leave the session with new skills, tools and a list of resources available to help support their mental health.

Workshop details:

Thursday, May 11
6:00 to 9:00 pm (Dinner served at 5:30 pm)
HSA Head Office: 180 East Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC, V3L 0G7

Reserve your spot online
Questions can be directed to Janice Davis, or by phone at 604-220-5874.