CBA Bargaining Update: Members Vote In Favour of Tentative Agreement

The member unions of the Community Bargaining Association (CBA) have voted by 94 per cent to ratify a new three-year collective agreement with the Health Employers Association of British Columbia (HEABC).

Pay increases are retroactive to April 1, 2022, and the remainder of the collective agreement comes into effect immediately. The agreement will be effective until March 31, 2025. The employer controls when retroactive pay will be paid, but the union will advocate for it to be issued as quickly as possible.

We made substantial gains in key areas identified by members including significant wage increases averaging 14 to 16 per cent over three years, protecting workers’ benefits, and providing greater control over working conditions.

HSA will now begin working with the seven other constituent unions of the CBA to implement the new provisions. The committees and working groups established will also begin working on full mobility in Health Authorities, OHS initiatives and any further changes or updates to the Joint Community Benefit Trust funding structure. You will receive updates as these items progress.

The committee thanks you again for your solidarity and commitment in this round of bargaining. We are proud of the result and look forward to building on our momentum.