CBA Bargaining Update: Next steps on stalled negotiations

As reported last week, contract talks have broken off as of November 3. The current monetary offer by the Health Employers Association of BC is not sufficient to meet the core priorities established by the CBA bargaining committee.

  • You can learn more here.

It’s now important to hear from you so that your HSA representatives in discussions with the lead union can effectively advocate for your concerns. Here’s what happens next:

  • HSA will hold briefings for all stewards on the evening of December 14 and during the day on December 15. Invitations will be sent directly to stewards shortly. Stewards will learn more about the situation at the bargaining table, what a deal based on the current offer would mean, what essential services might look like, and the implications of a strike vote – all so they can keep their members in the loop.
  • Following the steward briefings on December 14 and 15, HSA will circulate an online survey to all CBA members. This will allow all members an opportunity to provide direct input on the situation. We encourage all members to participate when they receive the invitation in a few weeks.
  • By mid-January, HSA will report back to members on the situation at that time, what is happening with the lead union, what we have heard from members, and what steps will be taken at that time.