CBA Ratification: Information Package on the Proposed Agreement

When your Community Health Services and Support bargaining committee went into bargaining, they had dozens of priorities from members like you. You gave your representatives clear direction that closing the wage gap between the Community Agreement and the Facilities Agreement was essential. By autumn, progress had been made on many items, but the government had dug in their heels on two key issues: bringing wages in line with other sectors and securing your benefits.

The union bargaining team decided to take a pause and go back and consult with members, who made it it clear that these priorities were non-negotiable. The solidarity from members gave the committee the courage to keep fighting. Our relentless pressure forced the government to put new money on the table to close the gap with the Facilities Agreement and protect your extended health and long-term disability benefits.

This is an historic, greatly expanded collective agreement that meets the priorities set by HSA members working in community health, and your Board of Directors joins with all eight unions in the bargaining association in recommending that you vote yes in favour of the tentative collective agreement.

In the coming weeks, HSA will be conducting telephone town halls, inviting all members to call in to listen to reports, hear questions from other members, and ask questions themselves. More information on that will be coming soon, and in the meantime, here are the details of the tentative agreement:

Contact us with your questions 

To find out more about how this tentative agreement will affect your position, send your questions to or contact us at 604-517-0994 or 1-800-663-2017

Voting information

Voting on the tentative agreement is open to all members covered by the Community Health Services and Support Bargaining Association, and will be held online.

You will need a voting credential to cast your vote; these will be sent out in the second week of February.

Please ask your coworkers if they are receiving HSA emails — if they are not, encourage them to visit the member contact update tool to update their information and make sure they receive the voting link by email.

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