Classification agreement on PHSA lab redesign’s four key leadership roles has been reached

In February, Provincial Health Services Authority served Section 54 notice informing the Health Sciences Professional Bargaining Association that it intended to introduce a change to Lower Mainland pathology and laboratory services. This change would affect the terms, conditions or security of employment of a significant number of health science professional bargaining unit employees.
Over the past four months HSPBA and PHSA have met to discuss PHSA's proposed job descriptions and classifications associated with its service delivery design.

We have come to an agreement with PHSA regarding classification of four proposed technical leadership roles. Key points to note are:

  • There will be a Site Supervisor at every facility, classified in accordance with the Chief Medical Technologist provisions of the Collective Agreement.
  • Team Lead positions will be classified in accordance with the Section Head provisions of the Collective Agreement.
  • Technical Practice Lead positions will be classified at VI + 10%.
  • Technical Coordinator positions will be classified at Grade IV.

 Implementation issues, including identification of affected employees, are still to be determined through continuing  negotiations for a fair labour adjustment plan.  That plan should minimize disruption to staff and operations.
PHSA has stated that it is committed to an implementation process that is thoughtful, taking into account the specific needs of each facility.  Therefore, the implementation dates may vary by facility, depending on the changes to be made.  Although PHSA plans to make some change to positions for staff, PHSA anticipates that there will be no job loss.
The parties’ next meeting is scheduled for June 10, 2015.
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Given the anticipated interest in PHSA's redesign, please direct your specific questions, comments, or information, to @email so that the appropriate HSA staff may respond as efficiently as possible.