CML tentative agreement: Union board of directors recommends voting -yes"

HSAs bargaining team for CML Healthcare employees has reached a tentative agreement on a new contract providing significant gains. The union represents approximately 200 CML members on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland.

The unions board of directors is recommending acceptance of the agreement.

Wage increases
The contract commences January 1, 2011, and expires December 31, 2015.  The contract contains significant gains in all five years of the agreement.

• January 1, 2011:

    • establishment of a group Registered Savings Plan (1% or 2% of regular non-overtime wages, employee contributions matched by the employer
    • health and welfare benefit premiums: the employer contribution will rise to 60%; member contribution reduced to 40% (currently, employees and employer are paying 50% each)
    • no wage adjustment

• January 1, 2012: 1% wage increase
• January 1, 2013: 1% wage increase
• January 1, 2014: 2% wage increase
• January 1, 2015: 2.5% wage increase

    • Classification                      Top Step        Rate of Pay

Ultra sonographer               Level 6          $37.40
X-ray Certified/BMD             Level 6          $31.07
Transcription                      Level 6          $21.10
Reception/Darkroom           Level 6           $16.83
MRI Technologist                Level 6           $39.35
X-ray Certified w/Mammo     Level 6           $32.12
Non-certified X-ray              Level 6           $27.95

Other gains

  • New indemnity clause: legal protection for any liability arising from a third party, including costs of reasonable legal fees
  • Hours of work: All employees as of January 1, 2011, will not have to work Saturdays, Sundays, or evenings without their consent
  • Reimbursement for professional fees or exam fees:
    • Available to all full time technologists whether registered with a professional association or not
    • Maximum of $350 each year, or carried over from one calendar year to the next
    • Can be used for annual dues or fees, professional liability insurance, tuition, or fees related to courses
  • Assignment of additional hours to casuals and part timers: employer will maintain a record of opportunities offered & make this available to union steward in case of dispute
  • Protection of team lead positions: originally, the contract included three team lead positions; however, due to site expansions in 2008, 11 more team leads were added. Contract has been updated to wage protect all current team lead positions should the employer restructure.
  • Uniform:
    • each full time employee gets $103 per year for uniform;
    • each part time employee gets $53 per year;
    • each casual gets $28 per year;
    • those hired after June 30 get 50% of that credit
  • Workload: employer will examine workload semi-annually; employer will provide these results to the union; if there is any discrepancy in workload, the union and employer will meet to reach resolution
  • Clarification of layoff language: in case of displacements, clarification of what the employer can review (skills, ability and knowledge) in order to determine if a person can bump a more junior employee
  • Notification of cancelled postings to be posted on all union bulletin boards
  • Posting of temporary vacancies changed from four months to six months
  • Temporary assignment changed from four months to six months, but requires the affected employees consent
  • Inclusion of the amount of union dues in the contract: 1.6%
  • Clarification of notice to bargain

HSA is holding membership ratification meetings on Tuesday, November 30 where you can vote on the contract. HSAs negotiator Dani Demetlika or labour relations officer Maureen Ashfield will be available at the meetings to explain the details of the tentative agreement, and answer any questions.

  • Victoria area: Grand Pacific Hotel, 463 Belleville Street, Galiano Room, 5pm-7pm
  • Lower Mainland area: Hilton Vancouver Metrotown, 6083 McKay, Baccarat Room, 7pm-9pm

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