Community Bargaining Association reaches tentative agreement for workers in community health

The Community Bargaining Association and the Health Employers’ Association of British Columbia have reached a tentative agreement on a new collective agreement.
HSA represents almost 1000 members in the bargaining association and was represented at the bargaining table by staff negotiator Jessica Derynck and member representative Katherine Oliver, a child care assistant at Thompson Nicola Family Resource Society.
The joint bargaining committee reported that the tentative agreement includes substantial gains in a number of areas, and the committee is pleased with the terms of the tentative agreement.
CBA represents roughly 16,000 employees working in community health around B.C. The BCGEU is the lead union in the bargaining association, representing roughly 10,000 workers in the sector. Other unions at the table were UFCW, HEU, CUPE, USW, CLAC and BCNU.
The tentative agreement has a three-year term and includes a general wage increase in each year. It also contains a low wage redress clause and stronger protections against contracting out.
Agreement highlights include: 

  • Three-year agreement. Expires March 2022
  • Two per cent general wage increase in each year
  • Low wage redress over three years, amounting to roughly two per cent in each year of the agreement
  • Process to review classifications and decide on money distribution by January 30, 2019
  • CBA grid system will be replaced by the facilities grid system
  • Stronger protection against contracting out
  • A task force on optimization of community health work distribution
  • Investigate paths to regularization and other schedule and assignment issues
  • CBA and employer can implement changes during the term of the agreement
  • Education fund of $250, 000 to develop comprehensive scheduler education program using union-agreed collective agreement interpretation
  • Special leave days – three paid days added for victims of domestic violence
  • Joint provincial health, safety and violence prevention committee
  • $750, 000 in funding over life of agreement for programs to address occupational health and safety issues and high levels of work related injury and illness in the sector
  • Joint Community Benefit Trust Program funding
  • $1.1 million over life of agreement for a trust fund to develop faster returns to work and improve mental health of workers
  • Early Disability Management Program is renewed at $816, 000 with union control to represent members through the process

More information about the tentative agreement, as well as information on how to vote on the tentative agreement will be shared with members in the coming weeks.
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