Community Health Services and Support: Job action imminent

The Community Bargaining Association (CBA) reviewed the employer's latest offer.  Although a wage increase is included in the offer, it is tied securely to a corresponding "offset" (cost savings) from the collective agreement.  The offset is matched by the employer to provide the wage increase.  There is no guarantee built into the proposal that the wage increase will not be eroded in the future by increases to the cost of the provisions where the 'savings' were proposed.

The employer has not changed their position related to the offset, and without a move from them, there is nothing to discuss at the bargaining table.

If your employer is to be targeted by job action, you will be advised of that plan by your union.

As you have probably already heard, job action will commence on Wednesday, November 7 with two downtown Vancouver BCGEU certifications (Raincity Housing and Support Society and Lookout Emergency Aid Society) targeted this week.

All health workers in the Lower Mainland are invited to a rally November 7 at the Vancouver Art Gallery (north side) from 12:15pm - 12:45pm.  All three health sector bargaining associations will be participating in the rally, and we encourage members to come to the rally in support.  HSA President Reid Johnson will be speaking at the rally.

The CBA represents more than 14,000 members, the majority of whom are represented by the BCGEU.  Other unions at the table are UFCW, HEU, CUPE, HSA, and USWA.

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