Community social services: employer opens with ‘zero mandate

On Tuesday, the union bargaining committee for community social services workers met with the employers group to discuss proposals tabled in May.

The Community Social Services Employers Association (CSSEA) tabled a concessionary package offering no monetary gains.

Josef Rieder represents HSA at the bargaining table, with HSA bargaining team chair Lynn Kelsey. -CSSEA says the Liberal government is forcing them to stick to a ‘zero mandate, and is not able to offer any gains for our members," Rieder said.

-Thats not good enough. The work our members do is vital to the health and welfare of our communities. But currently, theyre the lowest paid workers in BCs public sector," he said. -After years of cuts and concessions, the unions are emphasizing that members need their rights restored, and need real gains."

More meetings are planned for the week of June 7. -Well continue to negotiate, and keep members informed about developments," Rieder said.

The current agreement -- which expired on March 31, 2010 -- remains in effect while a new collective agreement is being negotiated.

Members can register on HSAs website for bargaining updates by email. Check updates on this website, under News > Bulletins > Community Social Services.

The Community Social Services Bargaining Association bargains on behalf of 15,000 unionized community-based social services workers in BC, including 800 HSA members. The BCGEU is the lead union at the table.

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