Conservative government abandons working women

The Steven Harper Conservatives funding cuts and backtracking on previous policy commitments are a clear sign that the federal Conservative government is abandoning working women says B.C. Federation of Labour Secretary-Treasurer, Angela Schira.

Last week, the federal government announced a 38.5 percent funding cut to Status of Women Canada. Just this week, Conservative Beverley Oda, Minister Responsible for the Status of Women confirmed the federal government is refusing to fund any advocacy initiatives by womens groups.

"Advocacy is exactly whats needed now," Schira said. "The only reason the Conservatives are making this move is to silence women from drawing attention to these cuts and the Conservatives disastrous policy decisions for women."

Schira also called on the Conservative government to reverse their recent decision to reject the recommendations of the Pay Equity Task Force, despite previous all-party support in 2005.

"Lengthy and costly tribunals have led to women waiting more than 12 years for the resolution of pay equity complaints," Schira said. "Like so many other issues, the Conservatives said one thing in opposition but are doing another now in government."

Women in Canada still only earn 72.5 cents for every dollar earned by a man.