Contracts don't get in the way of service says health science professionals' union

Health Sciences Association President Cindy Stewart is calling on Health Services Minister Colin Hansen to take a closer look at problems with flexibility in the health care system.

"The Minister of Health Services has said over and over again that inflexibility in the negotiated collective agreements is undermining the delivery of health care in BC.

"That really is an astounding comment from a representative of the government that imposed a collective agreement on 14,000 health science professionals. It's his own government's contract," Stewart said.

"We all want to improve the delivery of health care. The Liberal government made that job all the more difficult by cutting taxes to high income British Columbians before considering the longer-term impacts. If the minister goes down this road, the result of those tax cuts will be that British Columbians are going to pay with reduced services in health care," she said.

"I have written the minister asking for an urgent meeting to discuss the creative solutions to problems with health care delivery that the Health Sciences Association has negotiated with employers over the years to meet regional needs - all within the parameters of negotiated collective agreements." she said.

Stewart said the minister is being short-sighted in blaming unions and contracts for problems in service delivery. She said employers also have a responsibility for coming to the table prepared to work on creative solutions to address problems in the system.

"In those regions where the employers are prepared to work with each other and with employees, we have been able to improve service delivery without violating collective agreements."

"Contracts are a two-way proposition. It's time that the minister understood that success isn't in getting your own way, but finding solutions that get everyone working toward the same goal," Stewart said.


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