Courts allow BC Health Coalition to participate in private clinics lawsuit; Audit of Dr. Days Cambie Clinic to proceed

(Vancouver) Today, Madame Justice Smith announced her ruling to allow the BC Health Coalition and their pro-medicare partners to participate as intervenors in the pivotal B.C. Supreme Court case launched by Dr. Brian Day and a consortium of private for-profit clinics against the B.C. Medical Services Commission and the provincial government.

The group of private for-profit clinics are seeking to have key provisions of provincial health legislation declared unconstitutional so that he and other physicians can sell necessary health care services to patients who wish to jump the queue and can afford to pay a premium to do so.

-We are very happy the judge has made a decision that will allow the BC Health Coalition, the Canadian Doctors for Medicare, physicians and vulnerable patients to have a voice in this extremely important case that will determine the future of public health care for most British Columbians," said BCHC Co-chair Rachel Tutte.

Justice Smith also announced that the Medical Services Commission will be allowed to move forward with the audit of Dr. Days Cambie Surgery Center and Specialist Referral Clinic. Day, who was seeking to prevent his clinic from being audited, has admitted to unlawful billing practices but has not disclosed the nature and extent of that unlawful activity.

-It is critical that the MSC is able to ensure that physicians are complying with the billing rules on which medicare depends. The citizens of British Columbia must be assured complete transparency and accountability from all physicians who submit claims to the Medical Services Plan," said Tutte.

Justice Smith also indicated that a group of patients, who are supported by the BC Nurses Union in their own petition to have the MSC uphold the Medicare Protect Act, could now apply to participate in the lawsuit.

Health Sciences Association of BC is a member of the BC Health Coalition and is supporting the Coalition's legal case.

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