CSS Bargaining Update – Agreements Expire and Negotiations Continue

The Community Social Services bargaining committee is currently back at the table with the Community Social Services Employers’ Association (CSSEA) this week for scheduled negotiations until April 8th.
April 1st, 2022, marked the expiry of the collective agreements for the General Services, Indigenous Services and Community Living Services. The collective agreement is a negotiated contract that spells out your terms and conditions of your employment and your rights as a union member.
As both sides are continuing the bargaining process for your new collective agreement, the terms and conditions of the recently expired agreement are still in effect. This means it is business as usual for you and your coworkers, including local issues bargaining, unless you hear otherwise from your union. There are many stages of the bargaining process, and right now, the bargaining committee is still at the negotiating table.
The bargaining committee has been engaged in interest-based bargaining, which is a new and unique process to the sector. It’s a time-intensive process that involves providing detailed explanations of the issues that workers are facing in the sector -- before the exchange of proposals. The bargaining committee is sharing real-life examples to highlight the need for change and strengthen our hand at the bargaining table, and we are working toward a new agreement that is fair and just. 
Due to commitments by both parties, we will have a scheduled break in talks at the end of this week and will be back at the table by mid-May.
Please remind your coworkers to sign up to get updates by email and ensure that your contact information is current, so you can get regular updates during bargaining. Use the following link to provide updates or sign up:
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