CSS Bargaining Update: Work continues as discussions pause

After returning to the negotiations table in mid-September, talks continued over wages and compensation with a focus on making gains in the areas that members have mandated the bargaining committee to achieve in this round of bargaining.
As it stands, the parties still do not agree on how to reach a tentative agreement that includes a fair and equitable compensation package, meaningful recognition and reconciliation for Indigenous workers, supporting psychologically safer and healthier workplaces and promoting equity, diversity and inclusion.
Community social services is the only public sector with a specific subsector collective agreement for Indigenous Services. These workers support individuals, children and families in communities across the province. We cannot reach a tentative agreement that does not fully recognize these workers and bring them parity with their counterparts, specifically those who are directly employed with the provincial government in non-Indigenous agencies.
Bargaining will now be paused due to scheduling conflicts. However, work will continue with small group discussions in preparation for resuming negotiations in November.
The bargaining committee knows that you have been waiting patiently for us to reach a tentative agreement. While we did not anticipate spending this much time at the bargaining table, we are committed to working towards an agreement we can proudly bring back to members to vote on.

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