CSSBA Bargaining Update – Bargaining Begins


Bargaining for the new Community Social Services collective agreement has begun.
Last week the Community Social Services Bargaining Association (CSSBA) Committee finalized the unions’ priorities and proposals and on February 2 initiated talks with the Community Social Services Employers Association (CSSEA) Bargaining Committee. The parties were able to agree on bargaining protocols on February 3.
To date, the parties have identified the major themes which are of interest to each side and began expanding on those subjects. By the end of the week, agreement was reached on the majority of housekeeping items. These are items that don’t change the substance of the agreement but rather make it easier to interpret.
The CSSBC Bargaining Committee is now looking forward to entering discussions around other priorities when meetings begin again on February 15. The Bargaining Committee is committed to bargain with the priorities that CSSBA members have put forward, and will provide weekly updates.
Please remind your coworkers to sign up to get updates by email and ensure that your contact information is current, so you can get regular updates during bargaining. You can also check the CSSBA website for up-to-date information on bargaining: https://cssfairdeal.ca/