EDMP program expanding for members at affiliate employers

Following the successful launch of the pilot project in April, the Enhanced Disability Management Program for affiliate employers is expanding once again.

EDMP, which is already supporting thousands of HSA members working in health authorities, has a proven track record of helping members who are absent from work due either to a work-related or non-work related illness or injury, or when they are struggling at work.

Effective June 22, the next phase of EDMP will roll out to HSA members at affiliate worksites across BC covered by the HSPBA, NBA and CBA collective agreements. There will be additional roll-outs later in the year for members at the remaining affiliate employer worksites not included in the pilot project or this rollout.


EDMP helps members during the return to work transition, or helps them stay at work with support provided by a disability management plan designed for their needs. Participation is required for all full-time and part-time employees covered by the collective agreement who have:

  • Missed one shift due to work related illness or injury, or
  • Missed five consecutive shifts due to a non work-related illness or injury.

Regular employees who are struggling at work but do not meet the criteria, and casual employees, can self-refer into the program.


In order to ensure timely EDMP support, most employees that will miss work due to an injury or illness will call a single phone number called "ANII". ANII is for "Absence Notification, Injury, and Illness" and triggers prompt support from a Disability Management Professional and your EDMP representative. The phone number for ANII is 1-855-999-ANII (2644). Members will be provided with an ID number needed for reporting absences on the ANII system.

Employees whose worksites do not have ANII will continue to notify their employers of their absence and the employer will provide a manual referral to initiate the EDMP process.

Your medical information is kept in the strictest confidence, and is available to the Disability Management Professional and your EDMP representative working directly on your file. Information is provided to your employer on a need-to-know basis and is limited to the nature of an absence and any functional information relating to returning to work. The Disability Management Professional and your EDMP representative are bound by the EDMP Confidentiality Policy.


To learn more about EDMP, visit http://www.hsabc.org/member-benefits/edmp.

HSA members participating in this affiliate program will be represented by Kent DesRochers, EDMP representative. You can reach him at 604-868-0981 or @email.

Stewards who have questions about how the EDMP pilot program will impact their worksite should contact their labour relations officer at HSA's head office.