Education and Training Funds Available for Community Social Services Employers and Employees

CSSEA and the Community Social Services Bargaining Association of Unions (CSSBA) are pleased to announce that the Community Social Services Labour and Education Fund (LAEF) is now accepting applications for education and training funding. Details on the fund, eligibility criteria and application forms can be found on the new website:

What is the LAEF?

The Community Social Services Labour Adjustment and Education Fund is a joint initiative of CSSEA and the CSSBA. The purpose of the LAEF is to enhance the skills of frontline community social services workers by providing relevant professional development; it also prioritizes and offers additional support and retraining for workers impacted by layoffs, downsizing, or restructuring so workers can continue to be employed in the community social services sector.

Who Can Apply for Funding?

The constituent unions of the CSSBA, CSSEA, employers, individuals or groups may apply for funding. Education and training must be relevant to continuing work in the community social services sector. All applications will be reviewed by the LAEF Joint Steering Committee based on the eligibility criteria and funding amounts set out by CSSEA and the CSSBA. For a full list of eligibility criteria, please refer to the above website. Applications will be reviewed on a regular, ongoing basis until funds are exhausted.

How Much Funding is Available to Me?

The following chart illustrates the lifetime maximum amount of funding available to applicants. If an individual or group applies for and receives a lesser amount than the maximum available, they may submit additional application(s) in the future.

Individual $1,000
Individual impacted by layoffs, downsizing or restructuring $2,500
Group $5,000
Group impacted by layoffs, downsizing or restructuring $15,000


For More Information

If you have further questions not answered on the website, please e-mail @email