Facilities sub-sector awaiting LRB decision


Most HSA esential services levels in place

Mediator Stephen Rinfret has booked out of mediation with the Facilities Health Services & Support Bargaining Association and Health Employers' Association of BC (HEABC).

The Facilities Bargaining Association is awaiting a decision from the Labour Relations Board (LRB) on its application to have the LRB set interim (temporary) essential services levels. The LRB is being asked to set interim essential services levels for facilities and employee groups that have not yet reached agreement on essential services levels.

Very few HSA members will be affected by this decision, as we have reached agreement on essential services levels for almost all of our members.

The Facilities Bargaining Association will not be in a legal strike position until essential services levels for all unionized healthcare workers have been set - with agreement between the union and the employer or by an LRB order.

Once the Facilities Bargaining Association is in a legal strike position, it must provide 72 hours notice before commending job action.

"HSA will continue to provide members with information about potential job action as soon as it becomes available," said Ron Ohmart, HSA's Executive Director of Labour Relations.

No dates have been set at this time to resume bargaining for health science professionals or to begin bargaining for the nurses.